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Operating Rules

Dear guests, thank you that you have visited our restaurant, which is equipped with two professional lanes GS-X VECTOR Brunswick.
For the operation of these pathways, your satisfaction and safety operating procedure following apply:

Those interested in leasing lanes are required before entering the gaming area to register with railway operations.
Admission to the track is permitted only in shoes for bowling.
Players who do not own bowling shoes, he must borrow.
Using borrowed shoes "barefoot" health reasons it is prohibited. Socks can be purchased from the operator.
Admission to the runway without shoes is forbidden.
Leaving outside the premises casinos in borrowed shoes is prohibited.
Eating and smoking area bowling lanes is prohibited.
Arbitrary handling equipment accessory pathways and gambling is prohibited. Any malfunction on a track or other facilities immediately notify the operator room.
In the event of an emergency contact service.
You can throw a ball on the track when the track is ready to roll.
During the game, please behave considerately, not playing yourself.
Equipment casinos and tracks mutilate and use according to the rules of bowling, serving others.
Ending the game tell the operator, based on playing time will be billed.
Before leaving surrender borrowed shoes.
Reservations tracks customer is blocked for 10 minutes, then the operator has the right to track gambling rented to another customer. We ask customers about early cancellation if you can not attend the Chartered time.
For damaging private bowling balls shall not be liable playroom.
Guest access to the casino area designated for personnel is prohibited.
In case of gross or repeated violation of the rules of operation can be a player banished from the area casinos.

For information on maintenance Railways:

All lanes are daily before operating treated and maintained washing and lubrication products. Individual preparation of tracks before play is possible by prior arrangement with the operations manager.
Pleasant game experience and a lot of nice moments wants a team of employees Bowling bar TRIM.


Semtínská 56
533 53  Pardubice

tel.: +420 466 645 972
fax: +420 466 610 744


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